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Standard Party Packages:
(Note: Larger Theme packages are custom designed to fit your event.  Please contact us for pricing)
SetUp Mirror Ball_edited.jpg

Essential DJ Package:

- 4 Hours of DJ/MC performance

- 2 Professional Full Range Speakers

- Cordless Microphone

- Small Dance Floor Lighting System

- White Up-Lit Face board  (Up-Lit to color of your choice)

- Extra time available at the cost of $150 / per hour



Extravagant DJ Package:


- 4 Hours of DJ/MC performance

- 2 Professional Full Range speakers

- 2 Professional Sub Woofers (provides HD quality audio)

- Cordless Microphone

- Small Dance Floor Lighting System

-10 Up-lights  (color of your choice)

- White Up-Lit Face board (Up-Lit to the color of your choice)

- Extra time available at the cost of $150 / per hour


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Extreme DJ Package:


- 4 Hours of DJ/MC performance

- 2 Professional Full Range speakers

- 2 Professional Sub Woofers (provides HD quality audio)

- Cordless Microphone

- 2 Up-Lit Columns

- 2 Intelligent Moving Heads

-15 Up-lights  (color of your choice)

- Projector Face Board (for video or picture slide show,  Custom Monogram)

- Extra time available at the cost of $150 / per hour


Upgrade your DJ package with our Photo Booth service:
           - Looking to add some fun for everyone at your next event?  Our new photo booth is guaranteed to be a hit at the party!  We offer both open air and enclosed booths, high quality prints via a Dye Sublimation printer, a table full of entertaining props to use during the sessions, and of course a courteous booth attendant.  As an additional bonus, if internet is available at the location you can receive the photos via Email or Text.
*Important Note*
Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, we will not be offering props or enclosed booths until it is safe to do so.
Price:  $150 / per hour (minimum 3 hours)
Brett Brisbois Events PhotoBooth
Open Air Photo Booth, Cocoa Beach, Merritt Island, Melbourne

Other Services that we offer:

Ceremony Music:
       - Do you need background music and a microphone for your Wedding ceremony?  No problem, we have a custom designed system specifically for the task.  We provide a small 40 watt speaker on a tripod plus a microphone & stand for your officiant.  This system is battery powered so it can be used anywhere (beach, backyard, etc).  


Monogram Projection:
       - Want to take your decor to the next level?  Whether it's the Bride and Grooms intitials or your companies name we can create a custom monogram and project it on the wall, floor, ceiling, etc.  Monograms work best when projected on light colored surfaces and we will need to coordinate with your venue for best placement.


Up lighting:
       - Looking to change the look or feel of your venue?  Our uplights are just what you need.  These modern LED powered lights are small so they will not take up valuable space at your party.  They can be programmed for almost any color and we can provide up to 20 for your affair (note:  We have 10 that  are battery powered for those hard to light locations). 


Brett Brisbois Events Up Lighting
Projector with 100" Widescreen (87" x 49"):

          - Need to show a video or montage at your next event?  Our Projectors and screens are the perfect solution.    We offer either short or long throw projectors made by Epson, they accept input via HDMI, VGA, Component video,  and even Thumb drive for picture slideshows.   Our Screens are 87" x 49" and are mounted neatly on a tripod.


Flat Screen TV (40" LED):

          - An alternative to using a projector and screen (particularly if you are in a bright well lit area) is to use Flat Screen TV's.  These are setup on proper secure stands, and can be located next to the DJ booth or elsewhere in the room.  This is a very popular upgrade for showing either video or a continuous stream of photo's at a particular location (Ie:  photo's of the bride and groom setup next to the gift or cake tables).


Intelligent Lighting Systems:


     - When you need a higher level of control over the dance floor / stage lighting or just want to step up the excitement these systems will add a level of elegance and intensity to your event!
We offer multiple configurations with our intelligent lighting systems:
          - 10' overhead truss system 


          - 4' or 6' Up-lit Column system


These (or any custom configuration) offer state of the art Moving heads or Scanners, extensive dance floor coverage, and enable us to precisely high light specific needs at your event (i.e.:  live musicians, staging, cake cutting, special dances, etc)

DJ Lighting system, Brett Brisbois Events
4 COLUMN DM FRONT_edited.jpg
Turntables & Vinyl record show:

          - Take your party back to the "old school" as the DJ mixes your favorite tunes using Technic 1200 turntables and vinyl records!  This option gives your party that authentic yesteryear "Club" feel - see the lost art of beat mixing and scratching at your affair! 

(Note:  Although vinyl records have seen a resurgence in recent years, not all of todays popular music has been made available.)  

This is great for 70's & 80's Themed events!


Live sound support:
           - Having live entertainment at your event?  We have an excellent compliment of Live sound equipment to assist you.  Our analog system includes a Mackie 24 channel 4 bus analog mixer, the necessary dynamic / effects processing, plus a 100 ft 16x4 analog snake.  On the digital side we offer a Soundcraft UI16 digital mixer  which boasts 16x4 capabilities in a small format.    We also offer Shure microphones, stage monitoring, and FOH abilities.

Live Sound, Audio Engineer, Brett Brisbois Events, Florida, Sound Support
Packages can be customized to fit your needs. 
Please feel free to call for any options you may need that are not listed.