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Nightclub Events

Nightclub DJ'ing is a special art.  It requires years of experience to effectively read a room and put together a program of music that will make the crowd go wild.

DJ Brett Brisbois has spent over 20 years providing some of the hottest clubs with just that.  Whether the room calls for Classic Disco, House music or Scratching Hip Hop Brett can get it done.  His skills have been honed through years of live performance at night clubs both big and small plus live mixshows aired on the radio.  The type of show will dictate the equipment used for performance.  When it comes to Hip Hop and Reggae a typical equipment compliment will be Pioneer CDJ's plus Final Scratch.  If Classic Disco, Club Music or House Music is your flavor then a more remix friendly system like Traktor Pro or Ableton Live might prove to be the right choice.


If your not sure what direction your night club is heading or perhaps you would like to change your current path just give us a call and lets see if we can find the right program that works for your room.


Whether you are looking for a one night guest spot or a new resident DJ Brett is ready to put his years of experience to work for you.

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